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IRG is growing. We have added and continue to add more Canadian and US based insurance carriers to our client list. IRG is looking for adjusters with experience in one to all the following: Commercial, residential, large loss, general liability, and auto. IRG utilizes a large contingent of US Adjusters in Canada each year for deployments. For US adjusters to deploy to Canada, they will need a current passport, adjuster license in their home state, and specialty documents to be able to work both countries.

If you are interested in working daily or CAT claims, we want to hear from you. You will first need to join our roster. To join the IRG Adjuster roster, please send your resume in MS Word or Adobe PDF format to: When received, you will be sent a 10-minute survey that when submitted, will ensure you are on the roster and will be included for future qualified deployment information and opportunities.

IRG takes pride in not only providing technically proficient adjusters, but also offering an outstanding training program. If you are new to the industry or looking for a refresher course, our training company, Academy of Insurance Adjusters (AIA) has the courses to take an adjuster to the next level.

We are constantly looking for top quality personnel to represent IRG and our clients. Thus, we are always hiring qualified individuals.

Being a part of IRG means you have benefits such as:

  • No hold-backs/no charge-backs
  • No delays in pay – Payroll is processed on a regular basis
  • Consistently provided support rooms, field trainers and technical support

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Since our business is based on storm related events, all our positions are temporary as-needed positions. Wages will vary based on the storm, your role and the client company you are representing.

Necessary Experience

Experienced Adjusters

If you have previous experience as an inside, field or auto adjuster, we want you to be a part of the IRG team. Licenses and certifications are necessary and critical for your success as an adjuster.

Looking to break into the field?

We are always looking to cultivate quality talent to represent IRG. We do this by taking individuals with professional skills and abilities and refining those talents into the necessary skill sets to become a successful adjuster.